Athletic Clearance

High School Athletes

Middle School Athletes

Windsor High School requirements & steps to play sports:

Please verify your student is cleared for their current sport. Athletes need to be "Cleared" for each sport. For example, if your student was previously "Cleared" to play Football and now wants to play Baseball, they need to also be "Cleared" for Baseball as some required forms may be different or have changed.

Step 1:   

  • Login/Register on 

  • Complete all information, (Be sure to use your students full name as it is in AERIES)   and BOTH student and parent sign all waivers/docs online 

  • Upload valid & completed CIF Sports Physical Form

Medical providers electronic Physical Exam forms are accepted. Sports Physicals are valid for one year of exam date, Kaiser electronic forms are valid for two years.)
CIF Sports Physical Form
Step by Step Athletic Clearance Instructions

​NO HARD COPIES ACCEPTED - All Forms need to be uploaded to your student's account.

Step 2:
You will receive an email with a "Cleared" or "Denied" notice.  If denied, a reason will be given, you'll need to fix the issue and resubmit to be "Cleared" NOTE: All Athletes must be "CLEARED" before attending any sport practices/games.

If you have attended another high school, you will not be cleared until you meet with Jamie Williams, WHS Athletic Director to complete the CIF Transfer Paperwork.

Other requirements:
Parent Meeting Requirements - Dates will be provided for each season. Attendance is required.

Families should participate in Athletic Player Donation through the online Athletic Clearance, Team Fundraisers, and encourage team sponsorships.

Athletic Participation - Windsor High School requests a $100.00 Donation per sport for each student.  Athletic Participation/Donations are needed to cover the total expense of the athletic program. Each sport runs a minimum of 3 months. Common annual costs are officials, away games, medical supplies, certificates and CIF league association fees. (Checks payable to WHS Athletics include your student’s Name & Sport on check and give to Cynthia Straub, Main Office, 2nd Floor)

Baseline Concussion Testing will be completed by team. Dates/times of testing will be scheduled by the Athletic Director. 
At the start of season the coach/AD will review the Sportsmanship and Ejection Policy; Parents and Students sign documents in the clearance process addressing these topics.

Accident Insurance is required for ALL Student Athletes to participate in sports per CIF.  If you do not have your own insurance, you can purchase a policy for the season. Click here for English or click here for Spanish.

Academic Eligibility is determined by specific dates of determination posted each year by the Athletic Department in August.
Student Athletes must maintain a GPA of 2.0 to be "Eligible" to participate.

Academic Waivers Students with a GPA below 2.0, may be eligible for an Academic Waiver. See Athletic Director for Academic Waiver forms.
Questions? email Jamie Williams, Athletic Director at

Cali Calmecac - Athletic Director: Kristine Behrens

Go to the Cali Calmecac website for sports information.

Windsor Middle School steps to play sports:

Step 1:  Schedule a summer sports physical with your medical professional.

Step 2:  Login/Register on 

Step 3:  If you already have Accident Insurance skip to next step. If not you can purchase a policy for the season. Click here for English or click here for Spanish.

Step 4: Verification of 2.0 GPA from last grading period is completed by athletic office.

Step 5: Receive email of clearance from Athletic Office. If denied, you'll need to fix the issue. 

Sports will be open for registration for select dates prior to each start of the season. Watch for announcements and posted timelines.

Clinics that offer Sports Physicals

St. Joseph's Health Clinic - cost $75.00.  
Address8911 Lakewood Dr Ste 13, Windsor
Phone(707) 387-3910

Santa Rosa Community Health -- Elsie Allen Campus (Services are provided on a sliding scale and some services at no cost)
Location: Elsie Allen High School
Address: 599 Bellevue Ave G17, Santa Rosa
Hours: 8am-5pm ⋅ Monday-Thursday
Hours: 8am-4pm ⋅ Friday
Phone: (707) 583-8777