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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go to our Athletic Clearance page to learn everything you need to know and get access to all forms and requirements.

  • Yes.  The California Interscholastic Federation requires an annual Pre-Participation Physical Examination (PPE) by a health practitioner for all student-athletes before the student engages in a tryout, practice, or actual competition (CIF Bylaw 308). Suggestion: Make an appointment for physical during summer.

  • Yes. It's a minimal amount of $100 that will be collected directly by the coach.  Please be assured that the donation is not a condition of participation in the athletic program.  Also, for your accounting purposes, checks are processed about a month after you have written the check. The systemic lack of state funding for schools has resulted in the need to eliminate funding for athletic programs in order to ensure adequate academic operating expenses. Student body funds, gate receipts, team and booster group fundraising, and parent voluntary donations are now being used to fund athletic programs. Once the student-athlete is on the roster, the donation will not be refunded-- NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • First, welcome to Windsor!  If your son/daughter wants to participate in sports, the first step (after enrollment) is to see the Athletic Director for a Parent/Student Certification Form.  In addition, you will need to complete the online Athletic Clearance, including uploading a recent physical. 

  • Warning: Transferring from one school to another school may affect a student’s athletic eligibility under NCS or CIF rules. It is your responsibility to see the school principal for a copy of the eligibility rules, or information where eligibility rules may be viewed. Students who transfer as a result of disciplinary action are subject to the conditions of Bylaw 209 and may be ineligible for one calendar year from enrollment in your new school. All eligibility transfer information/applications must be true, correct, accurate, complete and/or not false or fraudulent. Go to for further information. Click on “Eligibility Transfer Information” (Left side of page). If your son/daughter will be transferring to WHS from another school, the first step (after enrollment) is to see the Athletic Director for a Parent/Student Certification Form.  In addition, you will need to  complete the online Athletic Clearance, including uploading a recent physical.

  • Generally, fall sports will begin in mid-August*, winter sports in November, and spring sports in February.  Specific dates are announced in student bulletin and video announcements.  Any questions, please contact the coach.

    *Football begins practice early-August.


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